ExClub Global Membership Program


ExClub is the global membership program of ExLand which covers global cryptocurrency exchanges and their eco-partners.

ExClub is a high-end, private and targeted invitation club inviting only global cryptocurrency exchanges and their eco-partners and senior executives. ExClub dedicates to build the most influential ecosystem membership system of cryptocurrency exchange globally. To facilitate in-depth communication and cooperation among members while to connect resources and match needs accurately and efficiently, ExClub organizes various membership activities weekly. Meanwhile, ExClub cooperates with top blockchain media of countries and areas globally to provide data information, public relations marketing execution, global activities and other value-added services to members to create business value.

2.Exclusive Value Network

a.Cooperating with Mars Finance, ExClub launches online community sharing special column “Exchange Ideas” which invites ExClub’ s members as guests to share ideas and spreads these to hundreds of cooperative communities of Mars Finance simultaneously .

b.With ChainDD, ExClub launches incisive special column “Exchange Insight”. In this column, professional reporter interviews Exclub’ s members to build top media brand of exchange ecosystem and realize global promotion and influence.

c.With Cointime, ExClub holds offline activities of cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem and invites ExClub’s members as speech guests or roundtable forum guests.

d.ExClub associates closely with the most influential blockchain top media in USA, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Marco and Taiwan, releasing sponsor stories and holding offline activities to assist ExClub’s members to carry out brand extension and business in every country and area.

e.Associating with CollinStar Capital, ExClub holds small private party for ExClub’s members on every Monday’s afternoon.(Crypto Monday) . The form is included but not limited to special topic sharing, hot topic discussion, afternoon tea, Texas Hold-Em and member facilities visitation etc.

f.ExClub holds theme dinner, Cocktail Buffet or party night monthly in that members can join in free.

g.ExClub invites member to participate in the activity hosted or organized by ExClub all over the world as guest annually and provide the member with return ticket and 2-night hotel.

h.Members can unlimited participate in blockchain industry activities hosted or organized by ExClub globally. Special registration service is set to ensure members’ attendance.

3.Participation Program

a.ExClub global membership program will be carried out since 2019/1/1 officially. To become a member, one can be invited by ExClub or introduced by member and passes the examination.

b.All the member benefits provided in program should be free, and for members themselves only, and shall not be transferred or be exchanged to cash.

c.Annual Membership Fee shall be 1BTC. ExClub reserves the right to adjust it and shall inform all members of renew date and amount in paper one month before the end of membership validity.








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